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Move in Move out cleaning

Vacuum and/or wet clean light fixtures and ceiling fans, countertops, backsplash, stove top, range hood, clean interior/exterior of refrigerator and microwave, interior/exterior of oven, exterior dishwasher, clean inside/outside cabinets, toilet(s), shower(s), sink(s), mirror(s), vacuum all floors, carpets and stairs, wash all floors, clean cobwebs, baseboards, window sills, and door frames, remove all trash, sweep patio and clean patio glass, clean double hung windows inside/outside, (also available > air compress forced hot water heating baseboards)

Residential Home Cleaning services offered

Kitchen: sink, faucet, countertops, backsplash, cabinet doors wiped down, exterior of refrigerator, oven and dishwasher wiped down, inside/outside microwave cleaned, window sills wiped down, table tops wiped down, floors, carpets and baseboards vacuumed, wash floor, clean inside sliding glass door, empty trash

Bathroom(s): clean toilet, shower, sink, countertop, faucet, mirror, vacuum floor/carpet, baseboards, window sills, vents, light fixtures dry/wet cleaned, wash floor, empty trash

General living areas: vacuum and wash floors, vacuum carpets and stairs, lamp shades, cobwebs, under sofas (if accessible) and cushions, dust sills and flat surfaces, general straightening of rooms, empty trash

Bedrooms: floors vacuumed, **beds made up, dust sills and flat surfaces, empty trash   **weekly cleans only

Residential Home Cleaning Options

Not all homes are lived in the same way and sometimes it might mean staying a little longer to get the best possible end result. If you're home, no problem, I will work around you. Please remove all clutter. Find a good spot for your pets. Payment is expected at time of service. Any cleaning can be customized to meet your needs and budgets. I want you to feel comfortable using Hometown Cleaning Services, LLC and will make every effort to make you Happy. 

Express Cleaning -- Only clean kitchen and bathroom(s)

Routine Home Cleaning -- If you want to be on a routine cleaning schedule, an initial deep cleaning is highly recommended which could take up to 6 to 10 hours depending on the size and buildup present. This way all areas are addressed so going forward it will be easier to maintain. This is just a suggestion. I will never pressure you to do anything you don't want to do. (Just remember that if you do choose a deep clean first, the charge for that is higher than a basic clean)

Occasional Cleaning -- You can just call to schedule without any commitment.

Office Cleaning

Clean entrance glass, complete and thorough kitchen and bathroom cleaning, vacuum all floors, vacuum and/or wet clean light fixtures, artwork, baseboards and window sills when needed, damp mop all floors, empty all trash, straighten up common area furniture and magazines. 

(desk will not be touched as to not move any paperwork)

Commercial Cleaning

Kitchens/break rooms and bathrooms located inside office area and in warehouse cleaned, offices/lobby area/common areas cleaned as stated in office cleaning. (desk will not be touched as to not move any paperwork)

Event/Party Cleaning

Dusting, Restrooms cleaned, floors vacuumed and mopped, kitchen clean up, trash removed

Post Construction Cleaning

Offered only to residential houses. Services include thorough vacuum/sweep of all floors and walls, wet mop of all floors, window cleaning, kitchen and bathroom areas plus fixtures cleaned. Any debris will be thrown in a supplied container and does not include any haul away.